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Injection cosmetology
  • Why have BOTOX injections?
    Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin Therapy, aka neurotoxin injectables, work to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing the muscles underneath. BOTOX is most commonly used to treat frown lines, forehead lines, crow's feet, teeth grinding and to prevent hyperhidrosis (a condition synonymous with excess sweating).
  • How does BOTOX work?
    BOTOX is an injectable 'neuromodulator' that works to relax nerve-muscles. In other words, wherever it is injected, BOTOX causes the underlying muscles to temporarily stop moving. When the muscles stop moving, the wrinkles stop forming.
  • How long is a BOTOX appointment?
    On average no longer than 30 minutes. The treatment itself is super quick. Following medical paperwork, a typical treatment for three areas of BOTOX can be injected in 15 minutes. Many patients opt to get their treatments during their lunch hour or on their return home from work.
  • How long does BOTOX last?
    You will start to see the effects of your injections between 10-14 days and your treatment will typically last 3-6 months, depending on your personal metabolism and frequency of treatments.
  • How many BOTOX treatments will I need?
    You'll only need one treatment to see results, but the number of units per patient will vary based on age, personal concerns and goals. New patients are invited back after 2 weeks, to ensure that they are happy with their results and dosages are corrected if necessary. A record is then be logged to ensure optimum results at future appointments. The treatment lasts 3-6 months so you will require top-up treatments to maintain results.
  • How do I prepare for my BOTOX appointment?
    There is very little preparation involved. We ask that you avoid alcohol 24 hours beforehand. At the appointment will remove any makeup or skin care products in the areas to be injected. The skin will also be prepped with a topical antiseptic to prevent the introduction of bacteria during the injections. We will then take photos and mark the areas to be treated before administering your injections.
  • What should I do or expect after my BOTOX treatment?
    We advise that you to not rub the injected areas or apply make-up for at least 4 hours post treatment. Avoid alcohol, exercise, saunas and hot tubs for 24 hours to prevent sweating.
  • What are the common risks, side effects or concerns with BOTOX?
    BOTOX© is the the safest, most accessible type of non-surgical facial aesthetics treatment. As with any injection you may experience injection site side effects such as redness, pain or swelling. These are infrequent, short term and can be treated with ice packs.
  • Why do I need a Medical Consultation?
    We offer complimentary Medical Consultations for all patients. This enables us to assess your concerns and goals and answer all of your questions in full. BOTOX is a prescription only treatment and whilst it is the safest, most accessible type of non-surgical facial aesthetics treatment available, it is not suitable for everyone. For your safety and insurance purposes, a full Medical Assessment is required.
  • Is your BOTOX treatment UK approved?
    We recommend and work exclusively with BOTOX© by Allergan. Tried, trusted and proven, it is the premium product of choice for anti-wrinkle injections. ​
  • What can BOTOX treat?
    BOTOX anti-wrinkle treatments are extensive. Some of our more popular treatments include: ​ Glabeller Lines/Frown Lines Crow’s Feet/Laughter Lines Forehead Lines Brow Lift Bunny Lines Lip Flip Gummy Smile Jaw Slimming Dimpled Chin We also administer injections for Under Arm Perspiration (Hyperhidrosis) and Teeth Grinding. Find out more HERE


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