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Faces Medical Aesthetics in Warwick, are a trusted destination for natural lip fillers. 

We utilise the latest techniques and high-quality dermal fillers to enhance your lips with precision and artistry. Take a glimpse into the before-and-after images in this photo gallery, showcasing the transformative power of our treatments.

Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a more pronounced volume, our natural lip fillers deliver exceptional, natural-looking results.


This photo gallery shows the stunning transformations our clients have achieved with our premium lip filler treatments. Each treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs. We can reshape, plump, correct or simply hydrate your pout.

We understand the importance of achieving natural-looking results while enhancing your lips' beauty. With our advanced techniques and premium quality dermal fillers, we offer a comprehensive range of options to help you achieve the perfect pout.


Whether you desire subtle volume or a more pronounced enhancement, our natural lip fillers deliver exceptional results. You may also be interested in a BOTOX LipFlip. Lasting several months, this is a popular procedure for special occasions such as weddings and holidays, as it provides a subtle enhancement for a natural look without the longer term, volumising effects of lip filler.

Our approach combines precision, artistry, and the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine to ensure you receive safe and tailored treatments. Experience the transformative power of our natural lip fillers and unlock your full lip potential with Faces Medical Aesthetics in Warwick.


Lip Filler 0.5ml – £150

Lip Filler 0.7ml – £170
Lip Filler 1ml – £225

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Discover how our clients have achieved their desired lip enhancement and schedule a FREE consultation with Faces Medical Aesthetics at Stratford Dental Clinic or in Warwick today.

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